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2018 Maine-Anjou Beef Australia’s National Sale Wrap Up

The 2018 Sale held on April 21 at Bendigo Showgrounds, run by Landmark and Landmark Embling displayed an excellent line-up of Maine-Anjou cattle for buyers to add to their herd. [ … ]

Summer Time

Summer has hit Australia and many producers have been lucky enough to receive rain throughout the season!

It’s Spring!

The sun is finally shining and the days are getting longer! It’s an exciting time for Maine-Anjou Beef Australia breeders with many of their heifers and cows set to calve [ … ]

Maine-Anjou Carcass

Check out this 11 month old Maine-Anjou steer. The animal dressed out at 248kg, local butcher Steve Shaddock was very pleased with the perfect fat cover and fantastic eye muscle [ … ]